About Us

Meet Yikes! Media’s Founder

Helen Hoart is the founder of Yikes!Media Advisors.  She has extensive background in print and online publishing, having overseen editorial and marketing operations, as well as running several successful publishing companies.  She has formed a network of consultants who are available to share their expertise as the project demands.

Helen has been honored by various associations for her work in business leadership, marketing and editorial, including being inducted into the Specialized Information Publishers Hall of Fame and being recognized for her marketing expertise by the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association.  She is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Companies the Yikes! Advisors’ network has served included Pearson PLC, R.L. Polk, StayWell, Harvard Health Publications, Meredith Corp., Readers Digest, Rodale, Boardroom and Capitol Publications.

About Yikes!Media

Yikes!Media, parent of Yikes! Advisors, works with media companies to launch blogs and build online communities. We recently acquired www.asuccessfulwoman.com. The site is a support network that helps women  organize,  gather information, find connections, and make personal contacts with other women.

We launched www.todaysgrandma.com for baby boom women who are entering a new phase of their life.  It’s a community that talks openly and with love about the joys and concerns of family, children and especially grandchildren.  Yikes! also is building a community for older job seekers (www.50plusandoutofwork.com).


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