Hoart|Beckerman Consulting


Advising specialized information publishers on strategic direction

Hoart/Beckerman Consulting advises small and mid-size media companies on identifying strategic opportunities to shape their business and reach their long-term goals. We guide our clients through a disciplined strategic process that will identify opportunities and then guide them in realizing those opportunities.

Media industry veterans, George Beckerman and Helen Hoart, bring their combined expertise as CEOs, transactors, and media leaders to offer unapparelled support to media companies as they plot their strategic future.

Our Services

Hoart|Beckerman Consulting works with company leaders and their teams to evaluate current business operations and develop strategic opportunities. Services include best practices’ consulting services to assist client in:

  • Identifying, defining and ranking strategic options;
  • Valuations of the media properties
  • Identifying potential partners in accomplishing one or more strategic options

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